The anaesthetic and postgraduate education trust was set up as a charitable body by the anaesthetic department in 1978 to assist in the training and education of Junior anaesthetic stuff. The consultant body (12 members at the time ) agreed to pay £40 per year by deed of covenant. This allowed the charity to claim back from HMRC a further £21, making each member’s contribution £61 annually. In 2015/16, due to resignations and retirements, there was a requirement to appoint new trustees. After taking legal advice, the best way forward was to wind up the original charity and to transfer the remaining funds to a new charitable company with new trustees.

 In the 37 year history of the original charity it has helped financially with the following projects:

  • Essay and presentation prizes for trainees
  • Purchase of the departmental electronic whiteboard for presentations
  • Purchase of  video equipment for fibre-optic intubation for teaching and supervising trainees
  • Purchase of medical books for library
  • Purchase electronic overhead projector for presentations within the Department
  • Purchase of manikins for teaching difficult intubation
  • Assistance with funding of research carried out by anaesthetic trainees within the trust
  • Purchase of computer software for research
  • Funding travel for departmental  visits to manufacturers of anaesthetic and monitoring equipment
  • Assisting with funding for poster presentations at national meetings for trainees
  • Assisted with funding for Teaching aids for anaesthetic theatre staff
  • Funding annually, the ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia course run by Dr Alison Schulte
  • Assistance with travel for visiting Guest speakers
  • Paying legal fees involved with the charity administration such as appointment of trustees and setting up of the new anaesthetic postgraduate educational who trust.

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